Knights Roundpens are constructed from best quality box steel, laser cut and drilled, fully welded and hot dip galvanized.

Sizes Available

Sizes calculated to actual panel size to nearest 10’ increments, eg 30’ 40’ 50’.

Why are Knights Round Pens the best:

  • Strength and quality using ERW box section quality steel
  • Fully welded joints
  • Independent gate frame and two way hinged gate with auto lock
  • Quick and easy bolting system for fast assembly
  • Panels are light weight (23 kgs) and can be moved, carried and assembled by a single person
  • Connecting eye brackets capable of 3inch drop in height per panel*
  • All panel sections pre drilled for additional kick board sets
  • These standard 7ft. panels will fit into standard horse trailer box for transporting
  • Bar spacing of pen allows for easy access in and out of roundpen in an emergency**

*This enables up to 3ft change of ground height over a 60ft pen
**Also wide enough to avoid the possibility of a horse getting a leg caught between the bars


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