I am a professional trainer/clinician for over 40 years, from the US and now living on Corfu, I know the value of a good round pen. I have researched for what is available in Europe and it seems that Knights Round Pens are the best with the best reputation. I look forward to securing one to work in on Corfu. Thank you Knights.

– Franklin Levinson, wayofthehorse.org

I purchased a 60ft diameter pen for a number of reasons and it has been very successful. The main use was for schooling and ground work as it is our intention to follow the Intelligent Horsemanship methods. But it has also proved to be useful in segregating our colt after his surgery. It was easy to erect and can be transported in sections to provide a smaller pen if required. I found Brian to be very helpful and professional.

The craftsmanship of the fabrication is excellent and I consider it was money well spent.

-Steve, Somerset

I am very happy with my Knights round pen, it is smart, functional and reasonably priced for the quality of the end product.

What I like about the pen, it is smart and looks elegant put up. There are a lot of pens out there that look like dog run’s or some sort of prison, not the nicest environment in which to work! Knights round pens because of the design mean you don’t feel enclosed, you can get in and out easily and it is pleasant to work in.

I think the panels could be really useful if you wanted to also make temporary out door pens, to restrict grazing or for animals on stable rest (much nicer than being locked in a stable!) I bought mine to also use for my mares and foals when they are young to stop the mare’s running the foal to much, but allowing them turnout and room to move at the same time. I was worried about the height as some recommend a higher pen for some types of work, however it is more than adequate enough height wise. Thanks.

– Madeleine, Surrey

Excellent versatile roundpen.

– Whistlejacket Vets, Dorset

Knights Roundpens are an essential part of our work – providing us with a safe, mobile, robust working space in prisons and other settings. We also use them as a secure space to pen the horses when people could be at risk if the horses were loose or simply tied up. This is crucial when working in high risk settings.

And as for customer service – thank you Josephine and Brian for your amazing help in getting the pens to various locations around the country, often at short notice! Wonderful!!

– Harriet Laurie, The Horse Course, Dorset

We have been very impressed with the Roundpen we bought from Knights. It was easy to erect and we find our ponies work well in it. It is easy to maintain and as we work with some young learners it copes with them sitting and leaning on it. We would definitely recommend Knights Roundpens.

Bodster Equine Assisted Learning Centre, Isle of Wight

…I totally love it and wish I had invested in this years ago! I am so pleased also that I went for your design of the open bars rather than the mesh type.
So …. just to say thank you for a lovely product that has completed my yard at home.

– Veronica Lincoln

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